Why is branding so important?

Business branding in Bangalore, India

Branding increases the value of your product or service. It is what a customer perceives about your business. Companies around the globe spend billions on branding their businesses. The kind of effort put into branding these businesses is so subtle that many people are unaware of how much impact it has on them. Many people think that branding is about getting a logo, a few business cards, and creating a simple website. However, it’s much more complicated than that.

So what exactly is branding and why is so important for your business?

Branding simply refers to creating a persona for your business. It’s everything from your logo to the way you communicate with your clients. It’s how a client sees your business from start to finish.

When was the last time you had to buy something that you considered an important purchasing decision, like a car, a TV, or even a pair of good shoes? What affected your decision the most? Would you have bought a TV from a seller that hasn’t branded itself well? Would you trust an unprofessional company?

Let’s take another example to answer the question “why is branding important for my business?” Which one of the following would you buy?

Most people would choose Coca-Cola instead of the generic brand. The reason is quite clear. Though the ingredients of both the products are more or less the same, Coca-Cola has spent years of effort into solid branding. This branding effort has increased Coca-Cola’s value in the market. This has also given a simple concoction of water, sugar, and caffeine a quality packaging that makes it such a popular beverage around the world!

Here is a slideshow to show you how popular brands have been evolving since their inception. What looks simple is actually quite a strenous effort of innovation behind the scenes…

Isn’t that amazing? You see how famous brands keep evolving? Now, watch the follwing video to see how much effort goes behind designing a quality logo. Here’s the behind the scenes of the famous RIO logo branding. This is exactly what a good branding company would be doing behind the scenes. You’ll see that there’s so much more that goes into designing a logo than you had imagined.

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  1. Raks
    Raks says:

    Well said! Whether it’s a small or large business, branding is necessary to showcase your products in the competitive business. In simple words, branding makes a sense.


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