StartTall works on a result-based SEO model that follows best practices to ensure that your website organically grows with your business. We also provide quality a Social Media Management service that ensures quality content to your viewers.

SEO Increases Your Website's Traffic

Search Engine Optimisation is as important, if not more important, for your business online as is creating a high-quality website. If people cannot find your business online then you are losing out on potential clients that would have benefitted from your business better than those displaying on top of Google searches.

StartTall provides a result-based SEO service that follows the traditional optimisation procedure but follows a higher quality approach. What we mean is that we DO NOT create backlinks to spammy websites that have a high page rank, write keyword stuffed content, and follow other black hat practices to instantly increase page rank. In the long run, such pages fall hard due to Google’s (and other search engines’) periodic algorithm updates.

Result-Based Plans

We don't use the traditional billing approach for our SEO plans. We charge on actual results. Pricing will vary for each keyword multiplied into the how much progress your site has made for that particular keyword.

When a site reaches the first 3 positions on the front page, we then change the billing to maintenance to help keep your website up there. This ensures that you are getting maximum return for the money you are paying. Traditional SEO companies charge you a monthly fee regardless of the results.

No Black Hat Practices

Many SEO companies promise you results, and in fact they do show you results. However, what's happening in the background is actually detrimental to your website and brand in the long run. Black hat practices include keyword stuffing, back linking to high-authority spam or illegal websites, plagiarised content, etc.

At StartTall, we only follow Internet best practices to organically rank your website. This includes website audit and rebuilding, writing fresh content, back linking to quality websites, social media management, and other white hat practices.

Social Media Management

Getting your social media communication, design, and strategy right is key to increasing brand awareness and quality perception of your business. Social media management is a specialised job and StartTall can help create and incorporate your content strategy.

We study your target market, their likes and dislikes, and create content that is relevant to them. In addition to running PPC campaigns, we create high quality visuals and content to engage your audience.

Engaging Posts

We'll design original and engaging content for your social media page. Your audience needs to see fresh and attractive content amongst the clutter of posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. We'll also study your audience to engage them in the best way possible. The goal is to encourage brand interaction, awareness, and, eventually, increased sales.

Results Oriented Approach

Understanding the ROI of your investment into Social Media Campaigns can be complicated. We believe that results are more than likes and shares. Our ROI analysis includes the increase in brand awareness, reports analysis, measurable increase in sales through social media or website lead generation, etc. We try to cover all these data points in our monthly reports.

Why is it important to hire a professional Social Media Manager?

Your social media pages shouldn't be treated like your social media profile. They represent your brand online and must be given due attention. While your website is like your "online office," your social media page is like your online "front desk."

That is why you need a specialised person or a team of people who can design, write engaging content, communicate with your audience, and do more in a professional way. This will eventually build your brand's image and your customers will begin trusting in your business.

Here's a case study or portfolio page for a brand that StartTall was managing. You'll be able to see first hand the effort put in to build the brand's image on social media.

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