How important is website maintenance for my business?

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Your business website is your online office. Build it, leave it, is a poor principle if you are looking to build a lasting brand. Your competitors will soon outpower you on the Internet if you don’t take care of your website like a baby. Like babies, your website must be nurtured continously to not be lost among the sea of new businesses that emerge every year.

Website maintenance is key to keeping your branding alive on the Internet. Many brands become slack in this area thinking that they receive good business anyway. After all, why should I maintain my website when my business is growing regardless, right? This is exactly the attitude that makes a business stall suddenly or slow down once it reaches a threshold in terms of ‘design shelflife’.

Does design have a shelflife? Yes, it does! If you don’t believe me, then study how brands have changed over the last 20 years. Have you seen Apple’s logo when they began business and their logo now? Here’s how it has changed over the years…

Though the changes might seem subtle, it’s key to Apple’s success in positioning themselves as a high-quality brand in the market. Have a look at Apple’s site in the year 2000.


And have a look at Apple’s site today: See any difference? 🙂

This is what I mean by ‘design shelflife’, a coin I termed after studying design the last 7 years. Imagine, for example, Apple kept its website the same since they were anyway making a lot of sales. What a shipwreck that would have been for its branding! It would have also affected its sales regardless of how good its products are. Have you realised that people are willing to pay high prices for well-branded products? That’s because branding builds trust, a key factor for any purchasing decision. The reality is that people buy brands, not products or services.

Your website design is closely related to your branding. If you spin the wheel and leave it, it will soon come to a hault regardless of how fast it was spinning when it began. Maintaining your website is key to keeping your branding alive. It’s like spinning the wheel over and over and over again. It’s one among the many key marketing activities that is a must for any brand to remain alive in the longterm.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us and we will help you understand website maintenance better.

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