Most Businesses That Prosper Begin With A Clear Brand Strategy & Financial Plan. We'll Help Convert Your Passion Into A Measurable Financial Model.

Market Research & Brand Positioning

StartTall will help you discover information that will matter for your brand’s propagation. We’ll help you understand the niche you are entering and develop a clear brand strategy to help kick-start your business and marketing activities.

You’ll also understand how to run your business distinct from your competition. Our competition analysis service will help you create a unique brand that sets itself apart, thus creating a unique brand identity.

Secondary Market Research

We use our skills and technology to gather valuable information about your target audience. We then prepare a Market Research & Strategy document to help position your product or service efficiently in the industry.

Financial Planning

Every business needs a financial plan to ensure optimum growth. Missing out on financial planning will lead to wrong cost planning and inaccurate business estimations. We'll put together a financial plan that will help you grow your business optimally.

Brand Naming & Communications

We provide brand naming service. Brand nomenclature is not child’s play. There are several things to look into when naming your new product or company. We’ll have to look at the psychology of your target market, the availability of the online domain and trademark, future global market positioning, and more!

StartTall will also help build a solid brand architecture or brand story. We’ll help you create your marketing communication to enhance the quality perception of your product or service and to set your business apart from your competitors.

Naming Your Company

We'll research your brand nice to understand your competition and your customers. We'll then brainstorm names, run it through a thorough availability check, and give you options to choose from.

Brand Architecture Planning

StartTall will help you put together a solid story for your brand. Often, it's not the product or service that sells as well as the story that a brand creates around itself. Most customers are faithful to a brand's story or an emotional message it delivers than the product or service itself.

"I don't need these services. They are very expensive, to begin with. I will start small and later invest in these services."

WRONG! This is the approach of the 9 out of 10 startups that fail. Most companies that “start small” realise too late that it’s time to brand when the company begins to grow. Few business owners understand the importance of developing a brand strategy for their startups, planning their financials, and going through a stringent brand strategy design process. If you are serious about your business development, please contact us using the form below. We will be happy to discuss your business goals and provide you with an affordable business development solution.

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