Brand Design, most popularly called Logo Design, is a crucial part of brand development. StartTall will design a professional logo that will set your business apart.

Logo Design & Branding

StartTall is emerging a high-quality logo design company in Bangalore, India. We’re not long-standing in the market, but our approach to logo design is on par with international standards. We design logos that are modern, to the point, and most importantly scalable.

In addition to designing your logo, we take care of your brand’s complete visual identity material. This includes your brand’s colors, fonts, rules, marketing visual style, and y0ur brand manual. Hence, we don’t just give you a logo. We help you build a complete brand identity, thus putting you on par with established, quality brands in the global market.

How We Design Logos At StartTall

Before designing a logo, we spend a good amount of time researching our client’s business, its competitors, client perception in its niche, and other important factors that would play an important role in the business’s promotions and marketing activities.

We then decide on elements that your new logo design should contain. Our design team then uses their creativity to bring together those elements in a creative way to create logo variations. Our clients then choose the variant they like and we improvise on it to create a professional logo design that rivals its competition.

Take a look at how we designed a few of our clients’ logos.

What makes StartTall different from other logo designers you may be considering?

We approach logo design in a professional and scientific way with a full view of branding and client psychology. DESIGN MATTERS! Designing a logo isn’t about just having a symbol that you can smack onto your business cards, website, products, and marketing material. Hiring a logo designer isn’t about finding the cheapest designer. Here the saying very appropriate: What you sow you reap.

Your brand’s logo is the face of your business. StartTall believes in giving the utmost attention to design. And we spend hours of research while designing a logo for businesses. That’s why our many customers have been able to enter their market domains with confidence.

Having good design isn’t an option. It is a must in today’s highly competitive markets. A good logo and professional branding will also give y0u, the business owner, the professional confidence you need to present your offerings to your own clients.

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